Through My Window Review

Jada Gilpen, Staff Writer

A new cliche, but romance movie is now on Netflix! A Wattpad story evolves into a spanish cinematic piece and it was worth the watch. Through My Windowwas written by award winning novelist from the Wattpad community, Ariana Godoy. The story was released as a movie on February 4, 2022 and is already soaring to the top of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the U.S. Today.

The movie starts off with Raquel, the protagonist in a writing workshop and she doesn’t read her story even though she has one because she doesn’t have the courage. Then the movie goes on to explain her obsession with her crush who just so happens to be her neighbor. She writes about him, saves pictures from the internet of him, and even makes her password that is mixed with numbers and letters and reads “Ares Greek God.” His father owns the most successful business in their hometown. His family, the Hilagos are pretty much celebrities  or seen as gods. His parents even named him and his two brothers after the Greek gods.

 After literally stalking him, she realized that he was using her wifi instead of his own. She follows him home after his practice and runs into him. He confronts her and confesses that he knows about her infatuation for him and then walks her home. She unplugs the router as soon as she gets home to rile him up and then falls asleep, only to be awakened to movement in her room which she thought was an intruder. She quickly realizes that it is Ares who broke in through her window to plug the wifi back in. Ares shows up to the food stand that Raquel works at to invite her to a club that his cousin had just opened to repay her for him using her wifi. 

All these scenes lead up to her going to the club and seeing Ares, but she also gives his younger brother Apollo alcohol so she has to watch him so he gets in no trouble. She ends up bringing him to her house because he can’t let his father see him drunk. Ares shows up to take care of him and he lays in the bed with Apollo. He then asks Raquel whether or not she’s going to come to bed with them, she does. That’s where I am going to stop the summary of the movie, so I don’t spoil anything too important.

I rate the movie a 4 out of 5. It was a clique rom-com movie, but I enjoyed it. If you are interested in the After movies or the television show Elite, this is something you should watch because it has a similar feel to it. This movie will make you feel so many emotions, I even cried at a few parts. You will see a glimpse of the wealthy living and family life which was eye opening.

Keep in mind that Through My Window is rated R, so if you are not allowed to watch certain movies I would not recommend it to save you some trouble. Since the story is a Wattpad some scenes are a little graphic and may be too much for the younger people, this is a disclaimer for you.

All in all, this movie is great for people who don’t normally enjoy romance movies; however it is worth watching even if it is not your normal scene. Don’t miss out!