Students Brace for Winter Storm

Lucas Stephenson, Staff Writer

Here in Ohio we don’t get many winter storms but when we do how do we prepare? I interviewed a couple of people from the community and I asked them a series of questions. I asked them each 5 questions and they each gave different answers to the questions.

The first person that I interviewed was Mr. Deyo, a teacher at Madison Plains Junior High. I asked him if he thought that it was worth it to prepare for winter storms in Ohio. He said that it it always worth it to be prepared but he doesn’t believe that the weather is as bad as predicted usually. I then asked him how he prepares and he said that he doesn’t do anything special because he usually buys the things he needs before he needs them. He says that those who prepare are not overly cautious and that they are just playing it safe.

The second person that I interviewed was Mr. Hoffman, a teacher at Madison Plains High School. He said that preparing for winter storms here in Ohio is kind of worth it. He says that all he does to prepare for winter storms is to fill up his gas tanks. He believes that you can over prepare for a winter storm and that those who over prepare are over cautious.

Both of the people I interviewed say that the storm we will have on 2-3-2022 will not be as bad as forecasted. One says that the news outlets hype the weather and the other says that things will be back to normal by mid saturday, early sunday.