Should We Stop for Deer?

John Marks, Staff Writer

The majority of people have seen a deer while driving and probably even have had one run out in front of them and had to slam on the brakes in order to not hit it. But should they have actually stopped for the deer ? Several students were interviewed at Madison Plains Highschool on what they thought about this.

Some students at Madison Plains Highschool don’t think you should stop for deer. “I’ll swerve towards it and powersmash it.” said Kasey England, a junior at Madison Plains Highschool. Some students feel this way because there could be an instance where it isn’t likely that you will cause a huge amount of damage to the vehicle when hitting the deer. This also comes down to what vehicle the person is driving. Here at Madison Plains Highschool there is quite the abundance of big lifted trucks, some might even have a roll cage. These are all factors that come into the decision of whether or not a student should stop for a deer. There are also instances where slamming on the brakes or swerving away from the deer could result in an accident instead of just hitting it head on.

The other reason there are students who don’t want to stop for a deer is because you can call a game warden and take the deer home for free meat. “I’ll speed up, that’s free meat bud.” said Will Leisure, a senior at Madison Plains Highschool. The reason there are students that feel this way is because it comes down to the factors of the situation which could be what type of vehicle they are driving, how fast they’re going, and if there’s another vehicle near them. The other reason why some students justify this is because if you are eating venison for several months and not having to buy food, there’s a chance it could outway the repair costs for the vehicles and you could potentially save money. Some people feel that it’s wrong to not stop for deer but some students at Madison Plains High School don’t feel the same way. “I have no remorse for ran over deer.” said David Perrigo, a Junior at Madison Plains Highschool.

All in all, it seems that there are actually people that don’t stop for deer in certain instances because it could cause a worse accident, it’s free meat if you hit it, and because it could potentially be cheaper to just hit the deer in the right scenario.