Students Share Cooking Recipes

Maylynn Lawler, Staff Writer

Brownies are probably one of the easiest desserts to make. A few students from Madison-Plains High School were interviewed about making brownies to see how they like to make brownies. The first person that was interviewed was Hannah Fout, a senior. She says that she likes to make brownies by herself, she specifically said “Myself because I get the leftover batter that is in the bowl.” She likes the milk chocolate brownies and prefers them to be hot when she eats them. She likes to eat them with ice cream, however she’d choose to have cheesecake over brownies though. 

The next person to be interviewed was Julie Betz, a junior, she says she would prefer to bake brownies with someone than by herself. She likes chocolate chip brownies the best, and prefers them to be hot and served with ice cream. She said she wouldn’t choose brownies over anything, however she would rather have cake.

 Finally, the last person interviewed was Blake Thomas, a senior, he said he would rather make brownies with someone else than by himself. He also said he’d make any kind of brownie. He did say he prefers them warm when he eats them but doesn’t want ice cream with them. Blake also said he’d choose brownies over any other desert, however he thinks pies and cake are better than brownies.