Students Plan for Memorable Valentine’s Day

Payne Haverfield, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day, a very romantic day for some people or even just another day for others. Is there that special person in your life that you want to make happy? Or even show them how much you appreciate them. february 14th is the day people. So single or not we can help you plan a special valentines day for someone.

When it comes to valentine’s day there are just so many ideas and so many different ways to plan out a day so lets start with a good friend of mine Gabby Brock, she had a pretty good idea of what a special day would look like. More torsional like the flowers and the chocolate. I asked her what the perfect valentine day would look like for her and she told me just a really chill day just hanging out with them and talking about life with them. I also asked her if she thinks that valentine’s day should just be based around what the girl wants and she told me yes that it should be more about the girl because they are more emotional and care more.  

I also interviewed my little sister Mirage Haverfield and she didn’t really have a lot to say about valentines day but here’s some of the information i got from her. She thinks valentine’s day is just a regular day she doesn’t really care for it. Her perfect valentines day for her is just a lot of chocolate and chillin. Her perfect date for a valentines day  would be to go on just a nice simple date with just her other person. 

So she didn’t really leave me with a lot of good ideas there so i interviewed madison dixson and she gave me a lot of really good ideas she told me that her perfect date would be just over all a romantic seen they would go to get some food and get each other gifts and just be with each other. 

So theres you a few ideas for a perfect date for valentines day hope its a good one and you have a lot of fun.