Racism and discrimination in schools

Georgia Greenlee, Staff Writer

Throughout schools there are many problems and it’s hard to solve all of them. A big problem at our school is racism and decrimination against people just because of their race. And racism is a big deal and teachers don’t really seem to be taking it as a huge deal at Madison plains. 

A student at madison plains, makcenna mitchel is a person who struggles with discrimination and it has creater her lot of axiety ot even go to school because she is worried about what her fellow class mates will say about her. She has gone to the principal and has tried to have people talk to these specific students who say these things to her yet nothing really changes. The student even after being told not to say stuff like that still does. 

A junior at Madison Plains who wants to remain anonymous had said that she too has dealt with the same problems as Macken just because of their race. At Madison plains it is a small populous school with a lot of whites and therefore they believe they have the right to bully someone just because of their race. This student also doesn’t enjoy coming to school because they have to deal with the dicrimination.

Many of the basketball players are the people who are doing a lot of the remarks and name calling, says a student at Madison plains. She has not been told rude comments herself yet has witnessed it. 

In Conclusion i believe there should be more done about racism and decrimination throughout the school so these students feel safe and want to go to school.