If You Knew the World was Coming to an End, What Would You Do?

Jada Gilpen, Staff Writer

An asteroid, zombie apocalypse, or even a global pandemic could be the end for the human race at any given moment. Let’s hope that isn’t the case any time soon, but what would you do? Imagine you only had a month left to live, what would you do? Would you travel somewhere you’ve never been? Splurge on all the food  you probably shouldn’t be eating? Or even make amends with any person you have problems with to get everything off of your chest? Whatever the case  it is completely your preference, so let’s hear from a few students to hear what they’d do if this was the scenario.

Shyanne Walkerhas a sweet response when asked what she would do in her limited time. “I would like to thank everyone that has been here for me. I would tell everyone I love them as well as let them know how amazing they are,” is what she said, this is a sincere and thoughtful choice. Out of everything you could do she would affirm her love to all the people close to her.

When asking Cainan Kelly, his answer was similar with a few tweaks.  “Honestly if the world was to end, I would live my life to the fullest. I would take all of my closest friends and spend every day and make memories with them that we will always remember and go out happily.” 

“I would want to first make sure that I told all my friends and family that I love them, but I’d probably want to travel and do unnecessarily dangerous things. So I can actually feel like I lived a fun life and probably want a fling with a stranger and when the end finally comes I would want to be with the people I care about most and have a rager. Or have a really special and important get together with them,” he wants to live a life worth remembering. That’s all most people want, but Owen Blunt’s response really put it all together in words.