MPHS Gets Ready for the Super Bowl

Lucas Furbee, Staff Writer

If you are an American, then that means you most likely love the NFL, and to watch it. Next Sunday is the biggest game of the year for the Rams and Bengals, the Super Bowl. Now if you are and have been a Bengals fan through thick and thin, you know how rare this opportunity is. The last time the Bengals in fact made it to the Super Bowl was in 1988, which was 34 years ago, they lost. 

I interviewed multiple people about the super bowl, Mr. Hoffman, an Ag teacher at Madison Plains High school. Mr. Hoffman plans to fly out to LA and attend the super bowl live and in person. Although there are many mask rules that won’t work with thousands of people in one place, he still says he will have a good time with his son. Hoffman has been a Bengals fan since birth/early childhood. He has been waiting for this game for over 45 years. He really wants the Bengals to win, and truly believes they can. 

Another person I interviewed was Mr. Deyo. Mr. Deyo is a diehard Cleveland Browns fan his entire life because his dad was a Browns fan. Mr. Deyo said that he is neither a Bengals or a Rams fan, but he hopes that the Rams crush the Bengals, so he doesn’t have to hear it from their fans. Deyo says “I think the Bengals can definitely win it.  If their offensive line plays average instead of absolutely horrible, they have a great chance to beat the Rams. I will root for all the former Buckeyes on the Bengals. I hope they play well as their team gets embarrassed by Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Vonn Miller, Cooper Kupp, and OBJ.  However, my official prediction is a 33-27 Bengals victory.” 

In conclusion it will be a good game and like me millions of fans are eager to see the results.