The NJSA Regional 2022

Riley Wight, Staff Writer

The national junior swine association held a swine show on the week of January 18th through January 22nd 2022. This was a national show put on in Georgia, known as the southeast regional. This show is put on every year in the same place. People from all over the country come to this show to present their best show stock. 

This is the second year I’ve attended this show, and I can say that I do plan on going back again next year. I enjoy getting to spend the week with amazing people doing the one thing I love to do. Showpigs is a very competitive hobby and that really shows when you go to a show this big. 

Where we are aware the numbers were lower this year then they were last year the competition level was still just as high as it was before. There were roughly 700 exhibitors and 2800 head of swine at the show this year. Which is way more than you would see at a jackpot show, or a county fair. 

They split up the show throughout the whole week at a show like this because there are so many pigs at these shows. Tuesday was a day. So on wednesday they did showmanship and the crossbred gilt show. Then on Thursday they did the purebred gilt show. Friday was the crossbred and purebred barrow show, since there weren’t as many of them. And Saturday was the open show day, which is completely optional. 

Overall this was a really good show, it’s a great time to make memories with good people and have fun showing at the same time.