My Plans After Graduation

Andrew Swigert, Staff Writer

After high school I plan on chasing my dreams, even if I never achieve them. My dream is to live the lifestyle most everyone dreams of living. Building their dream house on a big plot of land with no close neighbors, an area for animals to graze, a pond to stock and fish, a place to build a dirt track to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers, a barn to host parties with a loft that has a movie theater and surround sound throughout the whole building, and big sliding glass doors that open to a large patio with a nice fireplace in the middle. Up by the house there is a big pool with a very nice jacuzzi for cold nights with a spot to broadcast movies.

With such a big dream in mind there are struggles that come with them. The biggest struggle for achieving such a thing would be the amount of money it would take to succeed in building such a homestead. The land alone is very expensive, let alone the cost of building a house, barn, affording all the extra stuff such as the toys for a dirt track, having a pool built, etc. The list gets very long the more indepth you go.

My plan after graduating high school is to get a full time job and save majority of my money for a year and then apply for college to study chiropractics, and if I am to finish my study and get into the chiro field I should be living very comfortably when it comes to finances and starting to save the money for the dream homestead, although it will bring a lot of dept as I will more than likely have to get a loan on everything and pay it off over time simply because of the amount of time it would take to obtain and save all of the money to own everything right off the rip.