Open Mind (It’s Crazy What You’ll Find)

Gavin Schleich, Staff Writer

 I have been working on making music for three or four years now, only dropping my first mixtape on January second but there’s already another in the works.


Open Mind by 1Gova5 will be released on my SoundCloud page upon completion most likely in late January or early February. 


Lifestyle Changes only had a five song track list for this one I want to do seven hopefully.


I have four songs completely finished: the first is called Twisted Perversion, the second is called Bloodshot Eyes, the third is I Can’t Tell If I’m Fighting the World or Myself, and the fourth is My Sincerest Apologies I Mess up a Lot.


Twisted Perversion is one I wanted to put on Lifestyle Changes but I didn’t get it done in time, now that it’s finished the first verse isn’t bad and the hook might be the best yet but the start to the second verse is a little rough.


Bloodshot Eyes is a little different, it’s more singing than rapping and instead of a sad breakup song it’s an upbeat love song for my boyfriend and I’m actually kind of proud of how this one turned out.


 I Can’t Tell If I’m Fighting the World or Myself is a more heartfelt piece portraying my mood swings, suspicions in a relationship and how my friends feel now that I’m busy and can’t spend much time with them.


My Sincerest Apologies I Mess up a Lot is a song near and dear to my heart, it’s about my past relationships and how I haven’t been the best boyfriend in the world so the whole song is a big apology. 


Open Mind dropping soon, don’t miss it.