Struggles of being Lgbtq+

Anna Price, Staff Writer

Not everybody is LGBTQ+, I know that for a fact. Unfortunately, not everybody is accepting of people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I know people who are part of this community, myself included. And with being part of this community comes some struggles.

I wish we could be looked at as normal people by everybody in our society. But, that isn’t the case. Some people don’t like change and have certain beliefs that are rooted into their mind. They don’t accept us as normal people. And, honestly, it hurts. Not everybody knows what goes on behind closed doors and they think that we are ‘soft’ or ‘sensitive’. They assume, and some assumptions are harmful. Just because we aren’t seen as ‘normal’, some people of the community get beaten or even killed. In some places, it’s illegal to be LGBTQ+. I don’t get why people are so cruel just because we are being ourselves. I refuse to watch or read the news anymore because it’s filled with bad things happening to people like me everyday.  

So, I’m bisexual. But, I just say that I’m gay to save my breath instead of trying to explain to people what my sexuality is. And when I’m open about my relationship with my girlfriend, I get a couple confused looks and I just wonder what goes on in people’s minds. I just want to be myself around other people, is that really too much to ask? And also, the whole topic of coming out is stressful. Having to go to somebody you love and trust and telling them that you’re different..sometimes, you may not be accepted by your own friends and family. Also, not having a good support system is the worst thing in the world. Another thing, homophobes. Homophobic people are a pain to deal with. They hate us for literally existing. Like, sorry, let me just stop being alive for a second. All jokes aside, homophobic people are just a really annoying thing to deal with. And some people agree that being gay, bi, lesbian, trans, etc. is wrong! What did we do to you? Exist?! Sorry for being alive, I guess!

Anyway, enough of me ranting. If anybody reading this is part of the LGBTQ+ community and is struggling to come out or if you’re just trying to find support, I’m here. I know that this may not mean a lot coming from somebody you probably don’t even know. But, I understand how much it can hurt to not be accepting. And, I would never wish that upon another soul.