The Dangers of Deforestation

Alyshia Pearce, Staff Writer

Deforestation is cutting trees down for many things. There can be benefits of deforestation, but those benefits are also the cons of deforestation. Trees are cut down for many reasons and it’s taking away the earth’s forest and the wildfires habitats. Deforestation may be “beneficial” to humankind, but it’s not beneficial to our wildlife.

Cutting down trees can be for many things, such as making wood to build buildings, furniture, paper, or large areas to grow crops and raise livestock. This can help out farmers by having more room to farm or raise livestock. 

Deforestation can affect the wildlife in many ways by killing plants and taking away habitats for wildlife. If we take away wildlifes habitats they’ll be found in the farmers’ land. Taking away the habitats could kill the animals because they have nowhere else to go. This can also lead to losing food sources for animals and once the wildlife has nothing to eat they’ll eventually die. Deforestation is also one of the main causes of extinction.

Deforestation can also lead to climate change. By cutting down trees it releases its stored carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. This can lead to us creating emissions. By leaving the forest trees to rot on the forest ground or burning them, this leads to more emissions. Deforestation causes about 10 percent of worldwide emission. 

 Many forests around the world are being destroyed by deforestation. One of the big ones is the Amazon Rainforest. It’s the biggest rainforest in the world. People in South America are cutting down trees every year to make more room for raising livestock, but they don’t realize how they’re affecting the earth and the home of many wildlife. There is also a city in the Amazon Rainforest.

Most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, so they think they can do whatever they want to the rainforest. They cut down trees everyday and sometimes burn it for fun, not realizing how they’re affecting the planet. Cutting down trees can affect the environment in many ways and can affect humans, even if it seems like it won’t. Brazilians won’t listen to what people have to say about the rainforest and they won’t realize how they’re affecting the planet.

Therefore, deforestation can affect the earth in many ways. By causing climate change to take away the homes of many wildlife.