Soda is Nasty

John Marks, Staff Writer

Soda or pop has created a huge market in this world and it’s blainitly disgusting. It does the exact opposite of what the entire point of a drink is supposed to do to your body and even the more “healthy” options can be deemed as worse for you.

To start off it’s just way too sweet but that’s not the main issue I have with soda or pop. It’s the fact that it literally dehydrates you. The point of a beverage or water is to quench your thirst and rehydrate you, but when you drink soda you may feel refreshed but your body is being dehydrated. This can even lead to you getting a headache. I can speak personally on this because every time I’ve ever drank pop I get a headache or just hate myself.

The other issue I have with pop is that it’s incredibly unhealthy. A single can of soda has an insane amount of sugar, not to mention the calories that come along with it. These companies have tried solving this problem by making a diet version or a zero sugar version, but it has been argued that these ingredients they’re using to substitute all the sugar and high calories with are just as bad for you if not worse, they really only make the drink taste a bit less sweet.

The next issue I have with pop is that some people are borderline addicted to the stuff. They have created a physical dependence on it. Some people may argue that they drink it for the caffeine so they can wake up, however soda doesn’t have a decent amount of caffeine in it, this results in the consumer having to drink multiple cans or bottles just to feel the caffeine, and at this point you have consumed an insane amount of processed sugar and calories when.  You could find a much better source of caffeine that has much less sugar like coffee or tea, even an energy drink would be better for you than drinking multiple cans or bottles of pop.

All in all, the reason soda or pop is disgusting is because it too sweet, it dehydrates your body, can be borderline addictive, and is incredibly unhealthy for you to consume.