The Joy of Going to a Hockey Game

Maylynn Lawler, Staff Writer

Have you ever been to a NHL game? If not, you should go to one. They are a little expensive but if you’re a college student they offer discounted tickets. Usually I go to the Columbus Blue Jackets games. 

The atmosphere is incredible, everyone there is nice, unless they’re fans of the opposing team. It’s really fun watching the players get aggressive while playing, it can become intense watching them and it really gets you on the edge of your seat. 

Another thing about hockey is that you don’t really have to know what’s going on to enjoy it, although it is pretty self explanatory. One of my favorite things about hockey games is how towards the end of the game everyone gets super excited and it becomes really tense, especially when you know we’re about to win the game.

 It’s a good date night idea, or maybe an outing with some friends, and you can usually find some cheaper tickets in the upper bowl. From someone that has sat pretty much everywhere in the arena, there really isn’t a bad seat. 

I would also recommend eating before going to the game though, the food can be a little overpriced at the game. There are some restaurants near the arena district such as Buca di Beppo, Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, or Ted’s Montana Grill.