Worry about the Grades, Not the Drama!

Georgia Greenlee, Staff Writer

Over the years there has been lots of drama and not so much learning. When people put their drama in front of learning it creates a huge problem for the school. And the teachers are not there to deal with drama. Therefore I’m here to give you tips on how to deal with drama during school.

School can be a very stressful place and it can be hard for a person to stay on task when there are so many things going on at a time. One of those things can be boyfriend/ girlfriend problems. School is filled with tons of boys and girls so chances of getting into a relationship are very high, and chances of having crushes are extremely high as well. My tip for you is having a relationship is okay. But making them your world is not. Chances of getting married are slim when it comes to relationships coming out of highschool. You are going to meet tons of different people when you graduate and the person you meet now is probably a person who you only bondy with because you have a couple things in common, which can be really nice but you might also have a lot of things not in common which can create a lot of arguments which can be a huge distraction from school. So putting your significant other in front of all your school work is not a good idea. Because those grades mean something. But odds are the relationship doesnt. 

Another huge problem schools face is home life. A way you wake up in the morning can completely affect the way your classes go. The best thing you can do is find distractions from your home life. Such as watching youtube or playing video games after all homework is done. It can create a safe wall around you which can help you avoid what’s going on at home. If you don’t have access to anything like that at home then a good idea for you is creating the school as your safe space, such as getting good friends that love you and that aren’t going to be arguing all the time with you, and you can talk to your friends about what’s going on at home and use them as a way to get everything off your chest which is a huge way to feel better and focus on more important things. 

Grades can be a very stressful thing to deal with and it can get worse the older you get. Especially as an upperclassmen student who has the stress of figuring things out for the future and getting everything ready if you’re going to college. The best thing for students to do is plan things out. Even get a calendar and write down all the things you need to do for the day. But inconclusive the best thing for students to do is stay away from the drama and worry more about the grades.