6 Underground

Lucas Furbee, Staff Writer

Good movies don’t come around often on Netflix, but if you watch the same 2 hour movie a dozen times, the equivalent of one whole day, it says something about it.

Good acting says it all as well though, with Ryan Rynolds, he is the perfect fit for “1”. He goes by one because no one on the “ghost team” goes by their names. Everyone they know, thinks they are all dead and they are only around to help change the world one bad guy at a time. They all go by numbers. There are six crew members total.

1 is the main character, played by Ryan Rynolds, as I mentioned previously, who is in charge and is the mastermind behind the missions they go on. 1 was an inventor for lots of technology gadgets since he was a young adult, so he is a billionaire, where they get the funding to do their missions. 2, played by Mélanie Laurent, was a CIA agent before so she knows lots of intel on the topics they’re fighting for. 3, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who was a hired hitman before he faked his death. 4 is a little bit different than the others, mainly because of his capabilities, including parkour and just plain athletic abilities. 4 is playedis, played by Ben Hardy. He, is the “sneak in and out guy”. He also does recon and gathers intel because of his sneakiness. 5, played by Adria Arjonawas a doctor before she joined the team, so she does any medical work or is just another member for any other mission activities. 

7, played by Corey Hawkins, is an ex-military sniper who watched his whole team/family get blown up by a suicide bomber because he followed orders and was not allowed to take the shot on the bomber and blames himself for thier deaths every second of the day. You might be asking, there were 6 people on the team? Well, something happens to 6 in the beginning of the movie, so they needed another member, but since they go by numbers, it would be like renaming him if they just called him 6.

6 Underground is not a movie I would suggest to some viewers due to violence, language, and strong mature topics, but I would recommend it to anyone else that wants to sit down and relax for 2 hours, while following an amazing and well planned storyline, comedy and a great outcome (for most people).