Is Coyote Hunting Important?

Garret Dodds, Staff Writer

Do you think that coyote hunting is important? Coyote hunting is important because there are cow farms and other types of animal farmers. They have these animals and coyotes like to attack and kill. This can cause them to lose money and have to buy a new one. If knowone hunts coyotes on their land they will keep on killing their animals and have to spend a lot of money on getting new ones.


They can lose more money than they are making if their animals are being killed. If they keep on dying a lot they will lose a lot of money because it may cost more to get a new one than the one they lost was worth. The farmer needs to at least kill a coyote on their land cause that’ll more than likely scare the rest of them off. If they don’t they will lose a lot more than likely.


There’s also the reason that they can overpopulate; they are known to overpopulate pretty fast and don’t take long. If there’s knowone hunts them there will end up being a lot of them. They need to be hunted but there’s also a lot of people who won’t let you hunt on their land.


If they overpopulate there will be a lot of cattle and other animals that’ll die and have to be replaced. They are also known to attack humans so if there are a lot of them there will be more of a chance that someone will get attacked.


They need to be hunted but not over hunted. If they’re over hunted they will not have any of them there still needs to be some because of the food chain. They need to be in a good middle area to where they are not almost all dead but there’s not too many of them. They also need to be keeped off animal farmers’ land. If not, animals will be killed.