What Do Students in the FFA Think About the Activity Points?

Riley Wight, Staff Writer

The Madison Plains FFA has a system for participating in the program. It’s called activity points, you need at least two every quarter. It counts towards 10% of your grade. There are many different ways you can earn points. You can either participate in a CDE contest or you can go to the after school ffa activities such as a meeting or like a FFA fundraiser. 

There are many different opportunities each quarter. It varies what they are gonna be each quarter but usually there’s a good bit. For example last quarter there were alot of opportunities, says Kaitylnn Hollar. Addison Reeves agrees. 

Another person says that there are definitely not enough being offered for this quarter. And most people agree that we should have more options than just competing in a cde contest. Not everyone has the time to do that afterschool, you have to go to practices and make time to actually go to the contest itself. It’s hard for some people to do that anonymously. 

Others think that maybe the points shouldn’t be so much of our overall grade while others think it’s a good way to try and get students more involved in the FFA. 

Although you should most definitely participate in the FFA, because you took the class and it’s good for our chapter, it also shouldn’t have to be a forced thing. Meaning you shouldn’t be worried about failing the class just because you didn’t get the activity points. Also it has been mentioned that maybe there should be a way to count going to after school cde practices as activity points. meaning that if you go to so many practices that it counts as one point and the cde contest counts as two points or even extra credit.