Having Cats as House Pets

Lucas Stephenson, Staff Writer

I think that we can all agree that cats are cute little fluffy balls of craziness and mouse killing machines, but are they good to have inside your house? I asked a few people a series of questions regarding whether or not cats make good house pets. I asked two of my fellow students and the vice principal of the high school. 

The first person I interviewed was Hannah Fout, a senior at Madison Plains. Hannah said that she has cats but says that they are the best as pets when they are outside. Her reason she believes that they should be outside is because they pee in your house and they do a better job of keeping mice away when they are outside. She does say that the only way they do better mousing while living outdoors is if they are active. Overall Hannah does not believe that cats should be house pets.

The second person that I interviewed was Mr. DiNuoscio, the Vice Principal at Madison Plains. Mr. DiNuoscio said he does have cats, he says that they are good pets because they are good companions and are easier to take care of than most pets. He says that if you want them to be a companion then that makes them a better indoor animal. He does say though, if they are outdoors then they will do better at mousing.  Overall Mr. DiNuoscio believes that cats are better as house pets.

The last person that I interviewed was Caden Alkire, a senior at Madison Plains. Caden said that he has cats as pets but he doesn’t believe that cats make good pets. He said that they do not make good pets because they do not listen when you are talking to them even though they can hear you. He says that cats should be in the house because it is always warm and that they will be able to get mice while in your house. He does say that one of his cats is outdoor and does better mousing.