NFT Next to Rule?

Gavin Schleich, Staff Writer

Do you know what an NFT is, do you know how they work, are they legit or just a big ol’ scam?


NFT stands for “ non fungible token” the majority of them are images or collections of images that are for sale at a typically very high, often considered outrageous price. 


Three out of four of the interviewees had never heard of an NFT which typically would mean it’s time to find new interviewees but in this case it is important to state that this is too new for most people to understand or know about.


After explaining what an NFT is to them two of the four said if they had the money to blow they’d buy a NFT or two.


How much do you think the most expensive NFT was sold for, according to NEWDROPS.IO the answer is an astounding 532 million dollars, for a piece called CryptoPunk NFT #9998, although there are rumors that the creator of this piece bought it from themselves.


Brayden Hilles said “I think they may be a big thing for the next year but it’ll fade out and be gone before you know it”. 


Eminem bought an NFT of an ape wearing a camo cap and HipHop style clothing for 465 thousand dollars, so there is money to be made somewhere at least.


Now for if this is a fad or a trend the four interviewees all said that NFT’s were going to be a fad and not here to stay.