Students Face Another Challenging Winter

Alyshia Pearce, Staff Writer

Many people have different ways to deal with cold weather. They all have their own methods on staying warm. Today, I interviewed a few people on how to deal with cold weather and asked them multiple questions. I interviewed Aundrea, Jamiah, and Mason. The questions I asked were “How do you deal with the cold weather?”, “What kind of clothes do you wear in the cold?”, “Do you get sick easily in the cold?”, and “Do you like or hate the cold? Explain ”.

Mason deals with the cold by wearing jackets outside and if he’s inside he’ll turn on the heat. Outside Mason wears jackets, hoodies, pants, boots, and any other things that could possibly keep him warm. Mason doesn’t get sick easily in the cold. Last but not least, Mason likes the cold. He likes the cold because he would rather work in the cold than the heat, so he doesn’t sweat to death.

Aundrea handels the cold by wearing warm clothes outside and wrapping herself in blankets inside. What she wears during the cold weather are winter jackets, warm pants, and nice boots. She doesn’t get sick easily in the cold. She’s okay with the cold because sometimes it can be nice outside.

After interviewing those people I learned what other people do in the cold weather and what they could possibly do differently. Some people don’t get sick of the cold easily, they wear it at the same time, and they both like the cold for different reasons.