Are Zoos Safe?

Maylynn Lawler, Staff Writer

Does going to the zoo make you have any weird feelings? Do you get sad, mad, happy, or maybe angry? Well some people do; some people think it’s cruel to lock up animals. Which in some cases it’s understandable. A lot of the time people just want to keep threatened and endangered species safe but in some places that isn’t the case. So few people were interviewed on their thoughts of if animals are actually safe in a zoo. 

The first person that was interviewed was Hannah Fout, a senior at Madison-Plains. The questions that were asked was if she has ever been to the zoo, and she said yes. She doesn’t think they’re cruel and it brings her joy watching the animals. Another thing that was asked was if she ever gets sad watching the animals and she said she hasn’t. An important question that was asked was if she thinks the zoo helps animals and if it’s a safe place, however she said it just depends. 

The next person that was interviewed was Mr. Hamilton, a teacher at Madison-Plains. He has been to a zoo, and he doesn’t think it’s cruel, he specifically said,”I understand why people find zoos to be cruel, but I think zoos that go through the accreditation guidelines bring a lot of benefits to endangered species.” He enjoys taking his younger daughters, but eventually he gets tired while at the zoo. The most important thing that was asked was if he thought zoos are a safe place for animals, and he said yes. He also says zoos do in fact keep animals safe, especially endangered ones. It’s a very iffy situation when it comes to zoos, some are good and some are bad. It’s hard to tell them apart.