Are You Breaking the Dress Code?

Payne Haverfield, Staff Writer

     How do you feel about the dress code? Do you think it’s fair and reasonable? Well, many of us don’t, there are just so many reasons why most don’t think the dress code is fair and reasonable. The hand book has many dress code rules and some of them are just not okay. 

Certain things in the hand book about the dress code are unfair because in the hand book it says that “clothing must be neat, clean, and in good condition”, but for some of the students here at MP that can be difficult for them because maybe they don’t have a good home life and can’t afford to wash their clothes or buy new ones. So, when they get in trouble about their clothing it’s not their fault and can’t help what goes on in their house. 

Another reason the dress code can be unreasonable is the 3 finger rule or if it goes past your fingertips you can’t wear it. Let me just tell you that’s certainly not right because everyone’s fingers are different so when they do the 3 finger rule it just is not right and if you were to make it fair. What are they going to do, have every teacher carry a measuring tape around just so they can make sure your straps are 3 inches?

When it comes to the fighter tip rule for dress, shorts, or even skirts it is unreasonable because everyone’s bodys are different. Some people have really long arms and some people have really short arms and there are just so many other things about the dress code that are okay like the off the no off the shoulder shirts or the no hats or bandannas so I took it upon myself to interview a few people to get there opinions on the dress code. I even interviewed Mr.DiNuoscio, the vice principal at MP, who is in charge of the hand book.

     The first person I interviewed was Hunter Mullins and it was very interesting from a boy ‘s perspective of the dress code. When I asked him how he felt about the dress code he responded by saying he understands why we have a dress code, but sometimes it can be irrelevant.

 Which is completely true because some of the rules of the dress code are no off the shoulder shirts which is completely unreasonable because if someone can wear a dog collar to school we should be able to wear off the shoulder shirts to school. 

          Hunter Mullins told me he doesnt think the dress code is unfair or biased because he understands why it is in place. He responded by saying “the school just doesn’t want people to show up wearing their underwear”. And that is very understandable because he’s right without the dress code it would get a little crazy at school.

         The last question I asked Hunter was if he could change one thing about the dress code what would it be? He told  me that people should be able to wear shorter shorts because this goes back to the whole fingertip rule which should not even be a thing. 

The next person I interviewed was Ms. Sulfridge at MP and she didn’t really have a lot of opinions about the dress code. When I asked her how she felt about the dress code she responded by saying “ I don’t really have a strong opinion about the dress code as it stands. Nearly every school has a dress code, and they are just an accepted part of schools and workplaces”. 

She also feels that teachers should not have a dress code and that is understandable because when you can wear what you want it gives you the freedom to express yourself and if students can then teachers should be able to express themselves too. Is the dress code biased? Ms. Sulfridge replied by saying “ I don’t think that it’s explicitly biased, but I do think whoever is applying it may be  biased”. 

When talking to Mr.DiNuoscio, the vice principal, about the dress code, he told me that he is actually rewriting the dress code to make it fair for everyone and to where you can still express yourself and keep it a professional environment for everyone. He has improved the dress code by taking away the “must wear clean clothing rule” because he understands that some people are less fortunate than others and can’t have nice clothes or clean clothes. 

He has even modified most of the dress code by letting them wear rips in their jeans. He said “ as long as I can’t see your undergarments or cleavage or inappropriate writing on your shirt you’re fine”. He really understands how we feel and he wants us to wear what we want to express ourselves, but at the same time we need to keep it professional. 

Mr. DiNuoscio said it’s not about if your clothes are distracting people, it’s about being professional. “If we are trying to run a professional school we need to try and dress like it”. He also said that having a dress code helps to promote long term success because you don’t want to show up to an interview in a crop top because then they will be like if they dress like this to an interview how will they dress at work? 

He is also getting rid of the 3 finger rule and the fingertip rule because like I said before he also thinks that everyone’s bodies are different so as long as they go to your mid thigh you are fine.

And not only is the dress code there to manage how we dress, but we also need to remember that it’s there to keep us safe. He is working hard to help make the dress code more fair, but not only does he have to keep the dress code appropriate, but he has to get it approved by the school board of education so he’s doing what he can to help make the dress code as fair as possible. 

The dress code is a big deal and a very important topic to talk about. Maybe this information will help make a positive change in the school’s dress code and maybe the readers of this can understand that the dress code does not always have to be a bad thing. There are a lot of pros and cons about the dress code and you can’t just hate the dress code from one point of view. Students need to remember that everyone’s opinions are different and not everyone is going to like what you wear, but as long as you’re happy with it and it’s not completely breaking the dress code, it should be allowed.