Omicron Variant Comes to Madison County

Georgia Greenlee, Staff Writer

Omicron is the new version of covid and has affected many children and adults all around the world and it’s a huge problem. Many schools all around have shut down and had to turn to online learning. Not only is the iicron going around but now that weather has dropped the flu is now going around and tons of teachers and students are out sick.

After interviewing three people they had all said they had experienced a type of covid and it is not a fun thing to go through. All three people experienced a lack of motivation and they felt very tired and slept most of the time.One of the people who was interviewed was my grandpa. He said “I felt very tired and did not want to feed the chicken whatsoever” , his kids had to come out and do the chores for him which he greatly appreciated. He said the only thing he wanted to do for the past week is lay in bed all day. Yet the whole time he was worried he was going to get his wife sick. Yet she’s been feeling okay so he is very happy about that.

The virus has a lot of symptoms and it can be very difficult telling what is the flu and what is the covid. Yet thankfully if you have health insurance you can get you a test for free. And if you dont you can go straight to the emergency room and they do testing for free as well. And a good thing about Covid is nothing but they do have a vaccine and they are completely free. It Is not free to the government, But it is free to the people. 

Many people have different opinions on the vaccine and after interviewing people on it mackenna a freshman at Madison Plains, says that getting the vaccine is the smartest thing for people to do because it makes you less likely to get the covid 19.

In Conclusion if you get covid the best thing for you to do is stay home. Avoid people. And keep the water going through your body and eat lots of soup.