If You Were a Time-traveler, Where Would You Go?

Jada Gilpen, Staff Writer

Flapping in New York during the 20s, dueling in the medieval time in England, living in a settlement of Mesopotamia are only a few of the places you could go back to if there were time machines. If it sparks your interest, you can even go to the future and see what will come.  All you have to do is create an accurate time machine, easy peasy and all these possibilities could be at your fingertips. 

If a time machine was at the school, here are a few of the things students and teachers would do. Andrew Thompson is a senior and here is his response,” I do not believe that time travel will ever exist. Is it real time or just a concept created by human minds? But if it did exist, I would travel back to 1992,” why you ask, that is the time when the movie The Bodyguard came out and he wishes he could have been at the premiere. He would go back to marry Whitney Houston since she is his lady. When asked what historical event he would change, he said that he would go back to prevent Abraham Lincoln’s assasination.

When asked the same questions senior Cainan Kelly had some interesting responses. “Honestly yes, with technology and the future of science advancing there is a possibility of future time traveling. I would either go to the 1960s or 197os because a lot of the celebrities and singers I like and listen to are from the 70s and/or inspired by that era for their styles and lyricists.” He would rather go back to the past because we already know what happened and he would be prepared. He would go back to prevent the killing of President Abraham Lincoln.“The future is honestly scary,” is another comment he gives and most people agree with him because walking into the unknown makes many people feel uneasy.

In contrast, Jamaya Fagan would choose to go to the future, specifically to the year 2050 to see how different the world is for better or worse. She is a believer that there could be time travel in the future, however she does not think that it will be the Americans to invent it first! When asked what historical event she would change her response was very enlightening, “ I would probably change nothing because of the Butterfly Effect. If I change something, it would change everything. Even though I don’t like the world right now, I wouldn’t want to change everything because it could make everything worse,” which is a very valid point to bring up. Many people wouldn’t have even thought of the effects one small or big change could have on the rest of the world. Although there are many things she doesn’t agree on in society, she wouldn’t want to change a thing.