Positive Behavior In School

Lucas Furbee, Staff Writer

Some might say that behavior is a major issue in school today, but does it come to a point where we really need to hand out tickets for being nice. Madison Plains has started a new program called PBIS, Positive Behavior in School, where students are rewarded with tickets, which someone can put into a drawing, and possibly win prizes.

These students are awarded to do outgoing things towards classmates and teachers at school. Do people actually need to be rewarded to be nice to people and do what they are asked or if that is just proper etiquette?  I interviewed a girl who wants to be left anonymous, the first says that it was a really good idea on the school’s part, but it would have been more productive in a younger learning environment, which definitely makes sense. She also said that it might improve behavior for some students but some are not able to fix it with a reward system.

Another anonymous interview was conducted, and he says that he thinks it will either make students either do it just to change or really to just get the tickets. He says “I think the school has been trying to find a good behavior system for a while now and they finally came up with something. I also think it had something to do with all of the issues that we’ve been having with fights, drugs, and threats.” Totally agree with that, the school district might have been trying to find something for a while now, found something decent, and they have now decided to stick with it.

The last person that I interviewed was Caden Alkire. When asked “What do you think of the new PBIS system?” he responded with “it’s ok but there could be a few flaws down the road”. I also asked him “Do you think this will improve behavior?” He says he doesn’t think that it will change much because kids will be kids.

The question is will people really change or will people stay the same, time will tell better than anything, but for now we will see.