Five Feet Apart

Riley Wight, Staff Writer

Netflix has many great movies but none are like this one. If you’re looking for a movie that is heartfelt and heart rechening or even a movie that could hit close to home then this is the movie to watch. 

This movie is a love story about a young girl and a young guy who have cystic fibrosis. It’s a disease that affects your lungs, so it’s hard for them to breathe sometimes and they have to be careful not to get sick. Well there’s a rule with this disease, you can’t be any closer than six feet with another patient with CF. You can contract deadly bacteria from each other. 

Stella understands that she is in need of a lung transplant and that’s her only option she has left, she does her specific regimen everyday to help. Will on the other hand is on his last hope, he has the bacteria that you don’t want to get, it’s called b. Cepacia.  

It takes place in a hospital setting because they are both currently hospitalized for different reasons. They meet and can’t stay away from each other. It’s like this instant draw to each other. 

They have these rules that they use so they can try and be around eachother. They wear latex gloves and sanitize things before they both touch them. Stella decides that this disease has already taken so much from her so she decides to take something back from it, one foot. This is how the movie got its name “five feet apart”. They use this pool stick to measure the five feet and they both hold on to it when they are together.

Eventually Stella and Will are out on an adventure together when this girl comes in with a very fatal injury. Stella gets her new lungs. But with this Will decides that he doesn’t wanna take the risk anymore with Stella getting her new lungs. So he decides to leave, because he loves her.