“New Year, New Me”

Andrew Swigert, Staff Writer

You may have heard your friends, family, or even someone you don’t know that well say “New year, New me” but have you ever thought about how they have become a new person as the year changes?

How are you a new person based on a date? Simply because the year changes doesn’t mean you’re a new person, right? Becoming a new person takes time. You can’t change the way you genuinely feel about things and the way you think about things over night. It takes time to change your way of life and the way your brain processes things. You may be able to start changing yourself over night, but as the year changes you simply cannot be an entirely new person. You can change your appearance, and the way you act, but you are still you as the night rolls over.

To become a new you, I believe you have to change the way you act, the way you interpret things, the way you respond, your attitude, and even your outlook on pretty much everything. If you do actually strive to change yourself for whatever the reason may be, you will probably have to change the people you surround yourself with which nearly no one that has claimed “new year, new me” has done. “New year, New me” to me is a way to say you’re insecure about what has happened in the past year, or you didn’t like the past year and want to change. Best of luck to you and your goals to strive to change.