A Shameless Plug For a Fire Mixtape

Gavin Schleich, Staff Writer

Soundcloud rapper 1Gova5 released his first mixtape “Lifestyle Changes” on January second, it has a five song tracklist and here is my honest review.

The intro on the tape is called “I’m One Bad Trip From Hell or a Mental Hospital”. It’s produced by Jang0 along with being the shortest song on “Lifestyle Changes” it is also one of the best on a mixing and lyrical standpoint with bars like “I know who I am, nah wait i don’t understand, what it means to be a man just another underachiever working on a tan working, on a band, tryna build a brand, but the ground where I stand, is like quicksand, and I’m sinking fast…”. While I’m trying to do all sorts of things at once I feel like I’m sinking.

The second track is named “Are You Sorry”,produced by JUSTAKID and honestly this one sounds a little rushed and like it could’ve used a better filter over 1Gova5’s voice on the hook. Lyrics for the hook were weak too and the microphone sounds like it should’ve been turned down more while recording. This one starts with a bar that says “Lifes finally starting to feel okay, spoke a little to soon I’d say, you got me feeling some kind of way, I wanna burn it all today”, this song is about infidelity getting cheated on right after you’re starting to feel like you again.

Track three is “Discreet Quotes Lost in Translation”, produced by Raspo, may be my favorite song on the mixtape. It has an original hook, but the reverb could be turned down on the verse, but other than that this is a very good song. This song has some lovey dovey lyrics like “I’ll hold you in the cold, I’ll hold you when we’re old, I’ll forgive these lies I’ve been told…”

The xBishipx feature comes on track four “xBishipx & 1Gova5 Kings Don’t Die Alone Freestyle”, produced by @rahfrommy, a real banger just a fun song made by two close homies worth a listen.

And finally the outro a heartfelt piece called “Small Town Misery” produced by Sorrow Bringer, this song is really good but the hook could use some work. The verses in this one go hard I mean “Crossing the lines where sanity meets insanity, while I’m lost in a fantasy, I’m feeling the calamity, looking at the world through a vanity, that’s a mirror…” 1Gova5’s got bars sometimes.