The Weight of Graduation

Alyshia Pearce, Staff Writer

Graduation is a big deal for many students and it’s closer than we realize. Many seniors are excited to graduate and leave high school forever. There’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve passed all your classes and are going to be an “adult” in a few months. Seniors either get emotional, happy, or don’t care that they’re graduating.

Some people get emotional because they’ll never get this opportunity back, the memories. Students make many friends in highschool and they all grow up together. Sometimes they’re life long friends. Students will miss the memories they made while in school and maybe they’ll sometimes wish they could get those moments back. 

Graduating is a big thing. This is when seniors go to college, trade school, or just start working somewhere. It can be scary for many people. Some students say they don’t want to graduate because they don’t want to pay taxes, bills, buy they’re own house or car because us students don’t really know what we’re doing since we’ve never been taught any life long skills. 

On the other hand, there are students who are happy to graduate because they get to move out or live on their own for a while, whether it’s going to college or just buying your own apartment somewhere. Students are going to be happy to finally be on their own and not always having to listen to your parents. 

Those things are what students think about when it gets closer to graduation. They imagine what they’re future is going to be or what it could potentially look like. As of right now, us students have to worry about passing our classes and getting our community service hours to graduate.

Students can’t wait for the big day when they say they’ve completed high school. That feeling when they walk on stage and get their diploma. All the students will be exploding with happiness. They’ll get a really happy feeling knowing they won’t have to go back to high school ever again and get to start a new chapter in their life, even if it can be terrifying.