New Year’s Resolutions are Flawed

John Marks, Staff Writer

  New Years resolutions are dumb to me. There’s no significant reason or logical idea as to why people need to make a resolution on January 1st every year because the majority of them never even follow through with them and can end up harming them.

Many people might say well it’s not that big of a deal if someone doesn’t follow through with their goal but I disagree with this. For example, let’s say someone’s New Year’s Resolution is to start working out and get in shape. So that person goes out and they buy a gym membership and all the supplements and healthy food and everything else that comes with working out and then they decide it’s too hard and quit a month in. That person just blew hundreds of dollars on something that had no benefit to them because they quit and would have been better off saving that money or investing it.

Now I still believe in having goals and I don’t think people shouldn’t try to better themselves but they should put more effort and planning into it. But that’s the issue with New Year’s Resolutions. The majority of people dont genuinely plan out their goal and really think the idea over in their head before they go and take action and spend money if it’s required. They just make these goals because it’s trendy to do it at this time and don’t actually commit to them. Alot of these people might even post their goals on social media or just tell everyone about their goals. And then when the vast majority of those people don’t follow through with these goals many people who were aware of this are left wondering why they haven’t seen any changes in these people or their lifestyle.

All in all, the reason New Year’s Resolutions are dumb to me is because the vast majority of people never follow through with them, which can end up leaving them in a worse state of mind and they could have blown a bunch of money they never needed to in the first place due to lack of planning and effort.