Should Young Adults Stay In-state For College?

Jada Gilpen, Staff Writer

Imagine roaming the streets of New York City or catching a sick wave in Hawaii. That could be you for the next few years if you choose to go outside of your home state. Experiencing  new things in a foreign place is very beneficial to most people’s personal growth. By moving away from your home and family, you leave your comfort zone. I believe that this is the best thing a person can do, especially if you are around the same type of environment all the time. Getting out and learning about different cultures helps grow your own opinion. 

I am interested in learning more about the environment and animals from all over the world. I want to learn more about conservation in college and have been accepted to a variety of colleges and universities. My top choice is Chaminade University of Honolulu, where I would like to study marine biology. Obviously, I would be very far away from home, but I want to experience the rich culture and lifestyle of Hawaiians. Many people in my family have never been to Hawaii or let alone been accepted to a college there. By going there, I would meet many new people, see different ethnic groups, and learn more about this beautiful earth. It will be scary at first, not knowing anyone and being so far away, but it is an escape from the small town life I have endured my last 18 years. 

Many people could be against out-of-state college because of the “what-ifs”. What if I miss important things? What if someone I love becomes ill? What isn’t the right path? But what most people don’t ask is what if this is the best opportunity they will come by? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and will be grateful for whatever the outcome is. Many people feel trapped in-state because the tuition is lower, but with opportunities like FAFSA and scholarship the once high price gets lowered, which is a huge benefit we students have.  To anyone thinking about going to college out of state, I say go for it! Go travel this amazing world we live in, and have the best time. If you don’t you could regret it for the rest of your short and fast life.