Breaking Bad

Lucas Furbee

Netflix has many great shows and movies, but Breaking Bad is a great show to watch. This show does revolve around drugs, so it might not be quite appropriate for some viewers, but is a good watch for an older audience. 

Walter White is a deadbeat high school chemistry teacher who is just barely getting his family by. He starts to feel sick and goes to the hospital where they run multiple tests on him. They then discover that he has stage three lung cancer and he scrambles to find a way that he is going to pay his medical bills and his mind goes back to a past student who ran with the wrong crowd. 

He knows chemistry really well, better than most criminals, so figures he can make tons of money for his family by cooking and selling methamphetamine. He also figures that he will most likely die from cancer now, so he will go out with a bang and leave a decent amount of money to leave for his family.  

He starts to work with his old student Jesse Pinkman. Where they buy an old run down RV where they set up a makeshift lab to start cooking and making money. They are very careful because Walter does not want to get caught. 

One thing that makes it so much more intense is that Walter’s brother-in-law is a high ranking DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Officer, who is hunting down the purest Meth in Albuquerque, “the blue stuff”. AsBut it turns out, Walter is the cook of the blue stuff, and his brother in law is actually trying to hunt him down. Definitely a great watch if you are looking for a new show to watch in your free time.