Blasting Off for New Years

Garret Dodds

Do you shoot guns when it switches over to the new year? When it comes to shooting guns on new years I do it personally, but I live out in the middle of nowhere so all that is around me is woods and cornfields. There’s not anything wrong with shooting them if you’re in a safe location. I do it where we shoot them but all my bullets go into a tree when you don’t have them going somewhere where someone can get hurt or killed.


Some people shoot them in the city straight up in the air. The bullet is going to eventually come down and hit something or someone. They could bust a window or the bullet can hit someone in the head and kill them. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to kill them, it could just injure them.


If they live in the city it’s not a good idea because the city is also always having people walking around. WIth these people walking around a bullet could hit anyone in their body. There’s also quite a bit of people that were shooting so there were a lot of bullets that were being shot in the air.


The bullets can also come down and go through buildings and stuff. There is a lot of property damage that can be done if you do it in the city. So if you’re going to shoot guns for new year’s you can at least not do it in the city.


If you are shooting them in at least shoot them at a place where you don’t have a chance of destroying or killing anything. I shoot them, but I do it in the middle of nowhere where if I shoot them I’m not gonna hit anything. I do it but at least there is not anyone or anything to hit.


With shooting guns if you do it in a safe place and not gonna get hurt or someone get hurt. So if you shoot them in a good place it isn’t a bad thing and go ahead and shoot them. If you’re in the city though don’t shoot them.