Why Graduation is Important

Owen Blunt, Staff Writer

This semester marks the last 18 weeks of our pre-real-world lives. With the end of high school comes other things, obviously some of us will go to college, others will join the workforce. With all of this change there’s bound to be a plethora of emotions running through our heads. Many of us are excited, chomping at the bit to finally have a huge amount of independence, not only from our parents, but also potentially from your hometown’s customs and from people who you don’t really enjoy. However many of us also have some kind of surreal sense of finality. This is probably the first time in our lives when we truly have to stare at adulthood in its eyes, face independence with all its benefits and drawbacks and accept that we have to abandon our childhood and adopt a life with real consequences. Now that we’ve entered our last semester, it’s easy to walk throughout the school and reminisce about all of the memories we’ve made here during the last 6 years. Good or bad, there’s no way to truly separate yourself from your own memories. Even so, those of us who are just ready to leave need to take a moment to appreciate the school, our friends and our teachers for shaping us into who we are today. Regardless of whether or not you believe it, all of those things truly shape us and influence the way that we interact with others and ourselves. Graduation isn’t just the product of working hard enough to pass it’s also the culmination of years of experience you’ve gained through interactions with others, working hard, and looking inward. So instead of just going to graduation just for the diploma, go to give yourself a chance to be celebrated for everything that you’ve done in the years that you’ve been here.