Is a Single Pin or Multiple Pin Sight Better for Bow Hunting?

Lucas Stephenson, Staff Writer

If you are a bow hunter then you know that the stakes are already high enough when you’re out in that tree stand. There are so many things you have to worry about such as, yardage, windage, angle, shot placement, and making sure you have the same release each and every time.

 That is only a few of the things that we have to worry about. One way to lessen the items you have to worry about is switching to a single pin sight. Using a single pin makes adjusting to yardages much easier and is less for you to have to look at when drawing back on that big buck you’ve been hunting. I had a bad encounter with a big buck while using a 5 pin sight because I couldn’t remember which pin I needed to use. Last year when I shot my first buck I never had that issue because I only had to look at one pin.

When I started hunting I had a 5 pin sight, which is the most amount of pins you’ll find in a bow sight. Not only did I have 5 pins  to look at while hunting,  I also had to try and sight in each pin by itself which can be complicated and confusing. In the heat of the moment there is a chance that you may forget which pin is sighted for which yardage.  When I switched to a single pin it made my hunting experience so much better. I didn’t have so much to look at in the moment and it didn’t take nearly as long to sight it in. 

With my single pin sight I set my base yardage at 20 and then marked that on my yardage tape. After I sighted for 20 yards I then just adjusted my slider down to sight in for 30 yards and 40 yards. All I have to do when hunting is find the yardage that the deer is at then just move my slider up or down on the yardage tape. This also allows for you to set your sight for more yardages whereas the 5 you are limited to with the 5 pin sights. Overall a single pin sight is better because it is much less to have to look at while hunting, making that one less thing you have to worry about. A single pin makes it easier to adjust for yardages and gives you more yardage range to adjust to.