Young Thug is a Punk (Album Review)

Gavin Schleich, Staff Writer

Jeffery Lamar Williams AKA Young Thug is a popular American drill rapper who dropped a new album recently.

His album “Punk” dropped October 15, 2021, Zachary Nolandsaid, “I love the first half of the album but the other half I need to warm up to.”

With a 20 song tracklist this album has a play time of 62 minutes, it’s a long album but it goes hard.

My second favorite album to drop this year Young Thug made some bops and has some impressive features.

The intro “Die Slow” starts with Young Thug talking over a strumming guitar then transitions into him spitting then back to talking about what happened with his parents then back to rapping with a melancholy flow.

The sixth song has a feature from Future, “Peepin Out The Window” is a drillesc song lyrically traditional drill but the style is more melodic which is really the style of a lot of this album.

A track with A$AP Rocky, Post Malone and Young Thug you know it’s gonna be a bop and track 8 “Livin It Up” does not disappoint definitely my favorite song on this album the ballad of the album I’d call it very reminiscent on something I can’t remember and it’s beautiful. 

Track 10 “Insure My Wrist” featuring Gunna  is a typical flex song.

“Scoliosis”  featuring Lil Double 0 goes hard, very drill sounding.

“Bubbly” featuring Drake and Travis Scott might be top 5 Young Thug songs straight bop fast flows hard instrumental straight bop.

Track 14 “Faces” is my least favorite song by Mr.Thug just because the abrupt start of the song after that is not terrible especially not lyricsysim but the instrumental just isn’t quite it for me. 

But all in all this album is worth a listen, high quality music very enjoyable.