The Problem With Vegans

John Marks, Staff Writer

Back in 2010, a new diet came out that has caused a lot of controversy, it’s called Veganism. The basis of the diet is that you can’t consume any animal based products. Now most people are mainly ok with the basis of Veganism but the problem that I myself and many others have with it is the culture.

Vegans have created this cult-like culture around their diet and other vegans. Vegans have now put themselves up on a pedestal and if you aren’t a vegan then they see you as some sort of meat eating monster and that they are so much better than the rest of us because we aren’t all munching on a soy burger.

The other reason why a lot of people, including myself, are not very big fans of vegans is because the mentality is that they can reduce the supply of animals by reducing the demand by not eating animals. But when they say that they want to reduce the demand for animal products, they are intentionally trying to put farmers out of business. This is an issue for a lot of people because agriculture and farming is a crucial part of our nation’s economy. This can also be more of a problem because some farmers are raising livestock and crops, and by trying to get rid of the farming of livestock, you are hurting the farming of crops, which the vegans would be consuming! 

All in all, no one like’s vegans because they just think that they’re so much better than the rest of us and have created a culture that is “cult-like”, and they are actively trying to put farmers out of business because they care more about a chicken than a actual family.