Lip Balm Being a Need During Fall/Winter

Maylynn Lawler, Staff Writer

Do you notice how when the weather starts becoming chillier that your lips become sore and chapped? Then you need lip balm. Lip balm hydrates your lips as it starts becoming cold and dry outside. According to The Today Show Vaseline Lip Therapy is the best lip balm to use. 

From my personal preference  I recommend Burt’s Bees, specifically the peppermint one. It makes me feel nostalgic about Christmas since peppermint interacts with the holiday.  Having cracked dry lips isn’t pleasing, and it’s extremely painful but avoidable. Getting lip balm is definitely something everyone should have. 

There are other alternatives you can use instead of lip balm such as cocoa butter, almond oil, coconut oil, or Vitamin E. You can also use lip scrub, which will remove any dead skin on your lips leaving them extra soft. You can easily make your own with sugar, honey, and olive oil. I made it before and it turned out pretty good.  

People that don’t like lip balm are overrated. Why would anyone want to leave their lips dry and cracked? There’s no way I could go a day without applying some sort of moisturizer on my lips. If your lips are burning constantly from being chapped that would be so uncomfortable.

 Some people can’t go anywhere without it, like me. It’s not addictive though it just becomes a habit. Lip balm can be a great gift for someone too! If you notice someone having chapped lips just gift some to them and hopefully they’d take the hint. It might come off as rude, but if you think about it you’re just looking out for them. In reality, you’re just a good friend for it.