Do You have a Good Healthy Relationship with your Friends?

Payne Haverfield, Staff Writer

  So I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle with knowing who my real friends are and who is just using me. Most times, I always try to fit in and do what everyone else is doing and my real friends are always there to pull me back to where I  belong. Let’s find out if you have a good healthy relationship with your friends. Or do you need to maybe find your real people and ditch the fake ones. 

       Does your friend group or friend tell you everything? If they do, they trust you and that’s a good sign.

 But, if you have one of those friend groups that have inside jokes they won’t tell you or are always keeping secrets between them and leaving you out that’s a pretty bad sign. That doesn’t always mean they don’t wanna be your friend or they are being a fake friend. Maybe they are just not comfortable opening up to you as they are with the others in the friend group so maybe you can show them you can be trusted and they don’t have to keep secrets from you.

 A good friend really cares about how you feel. If you are super upset they will always be there for you or even in hard times they will always try to help you and give you the best advice and support. One bad sign that you don’t have a good healthy relationship with your friends is if they don’t care about how you feel or they treat you like your problems are not imported and don’t help you through it. 

If you feel like your friends are constantly talking bad about you and putting you down and making you feel bad about yourself then they are really toxic and you should drop them and maybe look for a better friend group. 

Another sign you have a good relationship with your friends is that they will always support you even if it’s not the best decision they will support you. But if you are making a really bad decision they will help you. 

If your friends are making bad  decisions and dragging you into it and trying to  peer pressure you then you probably shouldn’t be friends with them. If they were your real friends they would never peer pressure you to do things that you’re  not comfortable with doing. So if you experience any of these signs with your friend group hopefully it’s a good sign but if it’s not you should probably reconsider who your real friends are.