Drama Club YouTube video review


Picture of (left to right) Hannah Geyer, Molly Fahy, Becky Grigsby, Ken Schafer, Hope Richards, and Michael Whitmoyer by Bryanna Dodds.

Zachary Noland, Co-Editor

Even though it was a crazy year for schools because of COVID-19, the Drama Club at Madison-Plains took it upon themselves to create a video for people to still watch them perform.


The play is about growing up as a teenager in 2020, because being a teenager is already hard, but with a global pandemic on top of that, life is extremely rough.


Being a teenager isn’t easy, and this video does a pretty good job of explaining life in 2020, even if it doesn’t go into the personal details.


The video has many different sections including: “How to Debate, How to Love, How to Cook, How to Survive and How to Love part 2.”


Each section of the play features interview snippets from students at Madison-Plains talking about each theme, where the students were asked what they each thought about growing up in 2020.


Every part of the video has a comedic overview, but there’s a bit of seriousness under all of the comedy, which is important to look at the important things in this crazy year.


They have been working on this the whole year long, as they started writing the script all the way back in September of 2020; they also had to work around everyone’s schedules to actually be able to film.


The members of the club had a ton of fun filming and shooting the video, as being able to find something good about a bad year is always important. 


One person who really helped with everything though would be Ashley Woodard, the advisor/director of the Drama Club, since she was always there to help with props, filming and overall making sure everyone had a good time.


Everyone should go check out the play and show your support to the Drama Club by sharing and liking the video, as it would mean a lot to everyone who worked on the show.


Watch it here!