Spotlight: Esther Boot

Turtle by Esther Boot

Turtle by Esther Boot

Chloe Kirk, Staff Writer

Esther Boot is a senior at Madison-Plains Local School District for whom Robert Carroll, an art teacher at Madison-Plains, has high hopes in her art career.

Q: How long have you been doing art?


A: “… I started in the summer of 9th grade.” 


Q: How have you grown over the years?


A: “I know a lot more drawing styles and techniques now, and I can use a wide range of media that I wasn’t able to when I first started.” 

Artwork by Esther Boot

Q: Do you have a specific type of art that you would recommend for beginners?


A: “I would recommend free drawing or doodling for beginners.”


Q: Why?


A: “It is really helpful to have a picture to look at for reference, it helps get a more exact look. Start with a simple pencil, then expand by using different degrees like HB and B. Colored pencils could also be a really good starting point.”

Artwork by Esther Boot

Q: What is your favorite type of art to do?


A: “My favorite art is sketching and freehand drawing.”

Q: Why?


A: “It helps me become a better artist because I have a photo to look at where I can zoom in and see what textures and/or techniques I need to use.”


Q: What is some advice you would be willing to give people who are struggling to express their own style?


A: “For someone who is expressing their own style, I would recommend gathering all the artwork you have done over the years and try to find a pattern. If that doesn’t work, have someone else look at your pieces and try to find a common ground with them.”

Q: How has your art been progressing throughout all of the COVID mess?


A: “Throughout COVID, my art has gotten better but also worse. My art classes were cut short for school, so I wasn’t able to finish certain projects as well as have an art teacher to guide me through my work. I wasn’t able to have school supplies hands on, so I had to work with what I had at home. However, my art expanded because since I was stuck at home, I had more time to draw and paint. I was able to go to the store and check out some art supplies and use them to my creativity.”


Q: Has there been anyone or anything that has influenced your art recently or in the past?


A: “Before high school, I would never draw or paint or anything like that, only some doodles on my schoolwork. I would look at things in the room and try to replicate it onto my paper. Once freshman year was over, I realized I missed doodling on my papers, so I decided to buy myself a set of graphite pencils and a sketchbook. I would sit outside during the summer, and draw things I saw. This is what inspired me to seriously start with art and learn more about it.”


If you ever need anyone to go to for art tips, she is one of the best people to go to.