Senior service project


Sydnee White, Staff Writer

The Senior Service Project is an opportunity for all Madison-Plains seniors to earn community service hours, to help meet the requirement for graduation. 


This project has been going on for many years. They started it because some seniors were having trouble getting their community service hours. 


Students are gone for a whole school day, working outside. Throughout the day the students are asked to do multiple different things, whether it be work on pulling weeds out of the flower bed, raking the mulch to clean it up, planting flowers or carrying bags of mulch to where they need to go. 


The students start at the Town Hall cleaning the flower beds around the building. Also working on the gazebo flower beds across the streets. After all the flower beds were mulched and the flowers were planted, all the students went to the community center down the road. 


The community center also had some flower beds that needed some work. Students worked together to pull weeds, rake the mulch and put new mulch down.  


Once all the flower beds were cleaned out and mulched, the students were fed and got to hangout. 


A farm in Mount Sterling was nice enough to donate Hunt Brothers pizza from Sunoco. Mrs. Bricker and the woman who owns the community center both helped out and bought chips, sweets and water for all the seniors who had gone.


Once everyone was done eating, they allowed us to do pretty much whatever was school appropriate. A couple of students found a volleyball and started a game.


There were probably seven to eight students on each side of the net, even though you’re only supposed to have six on each side of the court. 


Once 2 p.m. rolled around it was time to leave. The students helped clean up the mess in the gym, and they got to take whatever food was left over home. 


This project is a great way to earn community service hours, clean up the city of Mount Sterling and also a great way to get out of school for the day!