The celebration of Cinco De Mayo


2018’s Cinco De Mayo Celebration Parade in L.A. (Photo taken by Alicia Luchak.)

Emily Wallner, Staff Writer

Cinco De Mayo is a big day for Mexican restaurants and alcohol businesses. Many people in the U.S. are celebrating without knowing the true reason.  

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexico’s freedom from and their victory against the French. May 5 is the day Cinco De Mayo occurs each year because the war ended that day in 1863. Many people confuse the meaning of Cinco De Mayo as “Mexican Independence Day.”

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in many different countries. In the United States, it is largely celebrated in L.A. and San Francisco because they have a high Mexican population. Many Mexican restaurants are very busy on Cinco De Mayo. A lot of people will go to these restaurants and enjoy their food with beer or margaritas. Margaritas are so popular during Cinco De Mayo because tequila was believed to be the “Nectar of the Gods” and many priests used it to cleanse away any sins.  

In Mexico, Cinco De Mayo is celebrated traditionally. They will host huge festivals with loud music and dancing. They also have parades in the week leading up to May 5. Children will make tons of crafts and decorations to honor their culture. Also, has done research on the cultural aspects and history of Cinco De Mayo. They disclose that many school children and adults alike will go to watch reenactments of the Battle of Puebla to learn more about the origin of Cinco De Mayo.

On top of Mexican culture being celebrated, the economy has its own benefits. Mexican restaurants, alcohol producers and food production companies thrive when May hits. For example, The California Avocado Commission reports that every year at the beginning of May, about 81 million pounds of avocados are sold for Cinco De Mayo. 

In conclusion, Cinco De Mayo celebrates the victory and Mexican culture. Many people of different cultures join in! How do you celebrate?