Summer 2021

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Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

In about three weeks school will finally be out for summer break. With everything opening up and returning back to normal from March of 2020, people will be wanting to travel and have all kinds of plans. 


Summer officially starts on Sunday, June 20, 2021.


From the Bahamas to Costa Rica, countries and destinations are now starting to open up to tourists. 


Depending on the country, some information required in order to travel include a negative COVID- 19 test within the last week, a copy of health insurance, and you might need to be rapidly tested on arrival, says Forest Brown and Brekke Fletcher of CNN


Even though there are more restrictions than before for travel, many people are planning to go on vacation this summer to take a break from this past year. 


“I have plans on visiting Ocean City, Maryland with my boyfriend,” says Ashley Woodard. 


“I’m hopefully going to Florida with my family and my friend this summer,” explains Octavia Wells. 


Since this past year has been the most stressful one, people are planning to go on more vacations, farther away, for a longer period of time. “I’ve had requests for longer stays- even months -to fulfill bucket lists,” says Silvana Frappier, owner of North Star Destinations


For the weather in Ohio during the summer months, it is predicted that it will be muggy and stormy, with tornadoes and other severe cautions. But you know, it’s Ohio, so anything is possible. 


With country travelling changes and crappy weather, people are still looking forward to getting away and relaxing with family. It has definitely been a ride for everyone, and we are all so excited to see that the world is beginning to return back to normal again.