FVR Sad is the man


Gavin Schleich, Staff Writer

Now I’m sure most of you have never heard of this phonamanal SoundCloud artist called FVR Sad, but he is a very talented Chicago artist, mainly in emo trap, but he is starting to branch out and kill other genres too.


FVR Sad’s legal name is Luke. 


Today Friday the 7 of May will be the one year anniversary of FVR’s first posted song, “Starfall”; congrats to him and that banger.


In regard to new fans, FVR says “The one thing I’d want any new fans to know is that I never stick to one genre or style. I really enjoy switching up the workflow and trying new things. I feel like there’s a little bit for everybody!”


Realistically, Luke has been making music basically his whole life, playing the piano,  ukulele, electric guitar, the acoustic guitar and “basically anything I could get my hands on” as well as taking years of choir classes.


He uses his “pain and emotions” to write his more deep emotional songs, but on the other hand, he thinks about the “wild stuff” that he’s experienced while in LA or traveling to write his more hype music.


When FVR started working on music, he said he would spend up to almost 4 hours a day just about everyday of the week just to learn on the different DAW’s he would use. Right now he can’t put in as much time into his art as he would like because of personal reasons, but his grind only slows, never stops.


As everyone does, he has a favorite song of his, it’s called “Lost Soul,” and it was his first song to ever get over 1,000 streams; plus, he recorded it with a good friend on a boat. In his own words, “the vibes were immaculate.”


Luke has some specific projects in the works that he is very passionate about and excited for he told me, “Nothing like the rest in my opinion. I like to give my work a flare of individuality.”


“FVR Can” is the title for his favorite song on his upcoming mixtape so far and from what I’ve heard it’s a straight bop.


He doesn’t know if this project will take off simply because the music industry is almost impossible to predict, but his track “I Wanna Feel Good” hit over 30k streams, so his name is somewhat out there.

Keep your eyes on his SoundCloud. FVR’s new mixtape is coming soon.