Mother’s Day gift ideas

Photo of the Mothers Day Treasure Chest (Photo by Hope Richards)

Photo of the Mother’s Day Treasure Chest (Photo by Hope Richards)

Hope Richards, Staff Writer

This year Mother’s Day is on May 9. For those who want to celebrate and appreciate their moms, I have some ideas that you could possibly use. My mom personally likes stuff I make for her more than bought stuff, but she likes that too.


Most years on Mothers Day we kind of just paint her something, make a card and have our dad buy her lottery tickets, but some years we kids really like to go out of our way and make some really cool things for her.


This year, me and my siblings wanted to make her day extra special. So my sister and I went to Joanne’s Fabric and Craft store and bought some treasure chests so we could design them on our own. 


After we bought the treasure chests, I had the idea to paint and fill one full of our mom’s favorite candy, and for the other I painted and planted flowers in it. You could go for whatever paint design you want ion your chest, but my sister thought we should go a little more rustic with ours.


My sister then bought some paper clippings to make the boxes look rustic.

More photos of the Treasure Chest (photos by Hope Richards)

We just took the paper clippings, dipped them into a cup of water then covered them with mod podge and pressed them on into the chest with the brush that has the mod podge on it. We put them in there as if we were doing paper mache. 


After we did that, all we had to do was wait for them to dry and fill them with whatever we wanted. The one I was doing I planted flowers in. I got a few of my mom’s favorites and some I thought looked cool. I bought them at Walmart. 


Not long after the chest dried, I planned out how I wanted to plant the flowers. I started breaking down the dirt in the flowers and planted them into the box. Then the other chest dried and we took her favorite candy/ chocolates and poured them into it with some change. Now they are completed.


More things can be made or done for you mom like:

  1. You could make a card 
  2. Buy her flowers
  3. Make or buy jewelry
  4. You could even just cook for her and clean the house


There is so much someone could do for their mom, but this is what I did special for mine.