Introducing 2021 prom kings and queen


Prom Kings Michael Brown (right) and Lance Call (left) with Queen Cidny Long (middle) at the MPHS prom. (photo by downtown photography)

Becky Grigsby, Staff Writer

Madison-Plains High School had their prom last Saturday. The students elected Cidny Long as Prom Queen; however, Lance Call and Michael Brown tied for Prom King.


Due to the unexpected outcome of the voting, to share the title Brown wore the crown while Call wore the sash. 


When asked how he felt about it, Call, wearing a grey suit and blue tie, said “I feel great, but also a little robbed of what I know is mine.”


In a black and red suit, Brown voiced his opinion on the matter by saying that his “attitude will always be based on how you treat the real king.”


Long looked beautiful as she wore a long red a-line prom dress with red embroidered roses. In an interview with Long she stated that “it was a little weird when they first announced there was a tie, but I think it’s great they both got the opportunity to experience it.”


Congratulations to the three friends on their win, and good luck as you look forward to the future after graduation.