My 2021 prom experience


Serenity Huffman, Staff Writer

Prom, or any school dances for that matter, can be some of the biggest events in your high school career, from the creativeness of asking someone to be your date, to the planning of where you are getting dinner, to the awkward and cute slow dances at the end of the night. 


This year’s prom was most definitely one for the books. There was a lot of confusion about how things were going to be run, or if we even were going to have prom at all. 


Due to COVID-19 the school was given strict guidelines at first for the way things needed to be run if we were going to have prom. They were told that only seniors and juniors from our school could attend the dance and that there was no dancing allowed, only a dinner. 


After a few weeks of hoping and waiting for better news, we were then informed that we were allowed to dance and bring guests from other schools or underclassmen as dates. The only difference this year was that we had to wear masks inside, even while we were dancing. 


I will be discussing my own personal experience with prom which may be a lot different than others. My prom experience was a lot different this year compared to other dances that I have gone to. 


Before prom even happened, I had lots of shopping and planning to do. I went dress shopping at many places before I found the perfect dress for me. 


My dress was a light blue and purplish color and covered in sequins. I used the same shoes that I wore to prom my sophomore year which were just black heels. I then had to go with my date Alex Yarulin to find his tux and dress clothes. 


Alex wore a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie and black dress shoes and a black tux. Alex and I also went into the London flower shop to buy our boutonniere and corsage. 


We had a group that we were going to go to dinner with and ride to the dance with. In our group we had Trinity Dotson, Travis Reed, Trent Nibert and Marissa Mullins. We made reservations at the Japanese Steakhouse. 


We had our group pictures at Alex’s house at five. We realized we were going to be late to our dinner reservations, so we decided to go to Chick-fil a, but we then got lost. Eventually, we ended up eating at Burger King, which is not what I had in mind for my senior prom, but it was still fun. 


After we finished eating, we all headed to the dance. The dance was in a big and beautiful barn. There was an upstairs and downstairs and the lights in there were gorgeous.  When we entered through the door, we were given name tags to put onto little goodie bags and a piece of paper to vote for prom king and queen. 


Once we were done voting, we went upstairs to the dance floor. I met up with all my friends and they all look breathtaking. We danced for around two hours, and then prom king and queen were announced. The queen was senior Cidny Long and there was surprisingly a tie for prom king. 


There ended up being two kings that won the crown: Lance Call and Michael Brown. 


Overall, I had a very good night for my senior prom. It didn’t go completely as planned, but I sure did make some good memories to pass on. I had a blast with my friends and fellow classmates and would do it all over again if I could. 


If you are questioning whether or not to go to next year’s prom, I highly suggest you go and make valuable memories with all your closest friends. It will truly be a night you will never forget.